Who We Are

Treetop Coffee Shop is a mobile coffee vendor that plans to serve the good stuff to the people of Knoxville, Tennessee starting in 2018. We're lovers of coffee, good food, and good company. More importantly, though, Treetop is a business that exists to serve kids that have been affected by foster and orphan care systems around the world. 10% of profits at the end of each month will be set aside for just that - to serve organizations that are working to bring comfort to the world's kids. 

Where We Came From

Between the two of us in the last 2 years, we've graduated from college, served in a discipleship program, worked various desk jobs, found them wanting, worked as baristas, and managed a food truck in Austin, Texas. We get it, it's hard to keep up. Treetop started as most things do - a thought. We thought through the things we were passionate about, and took a hard look at what mark we wanted to leave on this place. After a quick trip to the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains (and many, many pep talks), we landed on Treetop. A truck that serves in two ways: Coffee and sopapillas to the people that are around us, and comfort to the people that aren't. We've learned about foster and orphan care systems stateside and around the world and have seen enough to know that there's a tremendous need. We'd love to tell you about the kids we adore that have struggled to be known and cared for. We'd love it even more if you joined us in fighting for them.