Ain’t no party like a Treetop Party.

We’ve partnered with Honeybee Coffee Company to bring great coffee to more of Knoxville. That means you’ve got options when it comes to booking us for your event, which means everyone wins. Check out our offerings below, and feel free to check out our
catering package options for pricing details. If you’re interested in booking the truck, trailer, or pop-up, reach out to us at, or give us a ring at (865)297- 4389. Cheers!


Coffee Truck

Our 20ft step van is great for larger public events, or private events with a higher number of expected guests within Knox county. The coffee truck package allows us to serve a high volume of espresso and coffee based drinks, as well as loose leaf teas and other specialty items. It’s the perfect way to keep everyone caffeinated and happy!


Coffee Trailer

The trailer is a fully restored vintage 1964 airstream, and it is a stand out at events. The trailer doesn’t need offshore electricity or water, which means we can serve you in the most unique locations - even right in your backyard. The trailer is also able to service events that are outside of Knoxville. With our trailer package, we’re able to serve all cold brew, coffee, and espresso drinks. Our trailer truly adds the "wow" factor for any special occasion. For weddings, we also love to help the bride and groom create their own signature coffee drink!

Honeybee PopUp.jpg

Coffee Pop-Up

Our bar services are a more budget-friendly option, and ideal for all smaller and indoor events. We currently offer two bar service options. The pour over bar includes drip coffee, cold brew drinks, and pour over coffees made individually and to-order, with a service limit of 50 guests. Our second option is the espresso bar, which includes our pour over bar menu, in addition to any espresso/milk based drink, with a service limit of 100 guests. Our espresso bar does require a power source to service our espresso machine. Both the pour over bar and espresso bar look beautiful in any setting, and would be an excellent addition to any special event.


Photographs by Erin McCall and Reya Martinez